PILZ – mašinų saugos komponentai, sprendimai ir mokymai.

Pilz yra lyderiaujanti inovatyvi automatikos komponentų gamintoja.

Žmogaus, mašinų ir aplinkos saugos ekspertai užtikrina sprendimų palaikymą kiekvienai pramonės šakai visame pasaulyje.

Kompanija siūlo inovatyvius produktus jutiklių, valdymo ir judesio valdymo srityse.

Specialistai visame pasaulyje suteikia profesionalią pagalbą saugumo klausimais.

PILZ gamintojo puslapis

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Elektronikos inžinierius

Tomas Jušmanovas

Saugos sprendimai pramonei, Schmersal, Pilz

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Sensor technology

Sensor technology

Safety sensors.

The optimum solution for your application:

Safety switches for monitoring positions and guards, optical sensors such as light barriers or camera systems for monitoring areas and zones.

Pilz offers a wide range of safety sensors that conform to international standards and have been tested by certification bodies.

Pilz sensor technology portfolio includes safety switches for monitoring positions, as well as guards.

Optical sensors are ideally suited for area and zone monitoring. Choose from Pilz wide range of light barrierscamera systems or tactile sensors, such as pressure-sensitive safety mats.

Use our safe sensors in conjunction with our safe control technology! What you’ll get from Pilz is an economical and safe complete solution. As well as being able to guarantee high efficiency for plants in an industrial environment, it is also especially important for us as a sensor manufacturer to protect humans, machinery and the environment.



Safety relays.

The aim of Pilz relays is to keep the risk to man and machine as low as possible.

To guarantee this protection, Pilz has for decades been developing innovative safety relays which have been proven on the market a million times over.

For reliable monitoring of functional safety, Pilz offers you the safety relays PNOZ.

Monitor electrical safety with the electronic monitoring relays PMD.

For safe line inspection we offer you PLIDdys.

Brake control devices are for monitoring safety or holding brakes. High availability characterizes the reliable devices – for economical use. Use one device for each function to be monitored!

Our products guarantee you a long service life for machinery and plants – see for yourself!

Safety PLCs from PILZ

Small controllers

Configurable small safety controllers.

With PNOZmulti, the pioneer among configurable safety technology, you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. Why’s that? It’s quite simple: because with Pilz you can rely on a system in use successfully worldwide, always at the forefront of technology.

The configurable small controllers bridge the gap between classic safety relays and large programmable control systems. Use the configurable small controllers PNOZmulti mainly to implement multiple safety functions! Functional safety to protect man and machine is thus achievable both simply and flexibly.

Pilz small controllers are also powerful enough to assume complete machine control on smaller machines. The system is modular and expandable, so it can grow with your plant or machine as it expands or as its requirements change. By using expansion modules, you can adapt the control structure precisely to the application. You the user only buy the features you are actually going to use.

Safety control systems

Safety control systems

Safety control systems.

Pilz control systems – for safety and automation.

Benefit from our experience in control technology:

A solution for your automation task – cost-effective, reliable, safe and from one source.

Pilz controllers allow you to implement safety and automation applications of any size easily and flexibly: machines with an elementary function range, machines with multiple axes, interlinked plant and machinery.

Why not use controllers from Pilz!

High availability and productivity, as well as maximum safety, are guaranteed for your plant and machinery.

Drive technology

Drive technology

 Safety drive technology.

Pilz drive technology – Safe, open, productive.

Cross the line faster with safe drive technology.

Servo drive technology from Pilz provides safe and energy-efficient solutions for automating your machine: from controller operation through to the movement of highly dynamic drives. Owing to the open, modular drive concept, individual components or complete systems can be integrated without problem in your existing system environment. Regardless of whether this is for a new installation or for retrofitting your machine.

Save time with the complete drive solutions from Pilz!

Our portfolio ranges from visualization to servo motors, including gear units. Our key area of competence is „safe motion“. We offer many different solutions to increase machine availability up to the maximum safety level PL e of EN/ISO 13849-1.

When it comes to drives, be sure to stay on the safe side! We will gladly provide you with individual advice: from drive configuration to commissioning. We can support you with complete concepts for safe motion, machine operation and energy saving. Just talk to us!

Service robotics modules

Service robotics modules

Service robotics modules.

Robotics by Pilz – open and compatible.

Service robotics modules for use in industrial and non-industrial environments.

Pilz service robotics modules gives you an easy start in robotics.

Assemble your individual robot application – exactly according to your requirements: Service robotics modules consists of the manipulator module PRBT, the control module PRCM, the operating module PRTM and ROS modules.

Our collision measurement set PRMS for human-robot collaboration (HRC) supports you reliably on your path to a safe application.

Application areas of the service robotics modules can be found in service robotics and industrial environments. Benefit from our cost-efficient, flexible solution!

Operation and monitoring

Operation and monitoring

Operation and monitoring.

Professional operating, monitoring and controlling.

Complete solutions for operating and monitoring.

Pilz is a solution provider that offers products in the areas of sensor, control and drive technology. We will furthermore reliably support you with operator and visualization systems to ensure completion of your system according to the standards.

Advantages of our operator and visualization systems:

  • – Safety for your workforce and machines due to short reaction times.
  • – Diagnostics and visualization of your processes – keeps you informed at any time.
  • – Higher productivity due to shorter plant downtimes.
  • – Robust devices for applications in the industrial environment.
  • – Efficient project planning due to coordinated and pre-configured solutions.
  • – The appropriate solution for every requirement.




Automation software from design to diagnostics.

With the automation software from Pilz, you are applying innovative software solutions for automation.

Design, programming, configuration and commissioning can be achieved quickly and simply using Pilz automation software.

Users can work effectively thanks to intuitive operation. The easy, user-friendly diagnostics of our automation software guarantee a high level of plant availability.

Product-independent tools for use in interactive products are also available to you.

Efficient engineering of all automation projects – Benefits to you:

  • – Easy engineering tools for programming and configuration of your automation functions.
  • – Always up to date thanks to ongoing development.
  • – Optimum usability for handling convenience.
  • – High-performance, flexible software for efficient programming.
  • – Free to download and available in several languages.




System components optimally matched for your network.

Make your network both clear and powerful.

For this purpose, Pilz provides optimally adapted system components for:

  • – Safe fieldbus systems.
  • – Ethernet systems.
  • – Device diagnostics systems.