SATECH – Safety fences and machine guards

SATECH – Safety fences and machine guards
Thursday June 16th, 2016

Perimeret Guarding Modular Systems

Protect your working areas with the widest range of perimeter safety fences!

Safety of personnel working in production environments has been SATECH specialty for nearly 20 years.

SATECH strengths are compliance to international standards, stock ready modular machine guards and special attention to customer needs.

Your satisfaction is SATECH first priority.

Great versatility, complementary systems, a variety of accessories and quotations provided with 2D and 3D AutoCad® and Inventor® drawings.

SATECH commitment is to make your company safer and more productive.

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Manufacturing quality and European standards: different protection systems, each designed for specific needs.

The high quality materials SATECH use for their systems and fasteners ensure maximum protection and durability, adapting to the most critical conditions of use.


Machine Guards with Frame

Machine Guards with Frame.

Safety – EN ISO 13857.
19 mm slot width allows the installation of the fence only 120 mm from the danger zone.

Anti-climbing – EN ISO 14120-5.18.
External vertical wires effectively prevent climbing.

Visibility – EN ISO 14120-5.9.
The vertical mesh slots ensure excellent visibility of the machinery.


Machine Guards without Frame

Machine Guards without Frame

Machine Guards without Frame.

Safety – EN ISO 13857.
The slot dimensions of 28 x 64 mm allow the installation of the fence 200 mm from the danger zone.

Visibility – EN ISO 14120-5.9.
The vertical mesh slots ensure excellent visibility of the machinery.



Easy to handle – Light and robust. A resistant and light structure, Satech frameless panels can be easily handled by one person.

Adaptable – Ready for all eventualities. In the event of unforeseen difficulties, the frameless construction allows panel sizes to be adjusted speedily on site.

Resistant – 4 mm wire and reinforcement folds. Satech frameless panels are resistant, thanks to their transverse folds and their 4 mm steel wire shaped mesh.

Especially for BlueGuard: ecolab_small_en

This is hygienic fencing – Maximum safety and hygiene.

BlueGuard modular system is the result of Satech’s twenty-year experience and combines safety, flexibility and compliance with the high hygiene standards required by the agro-food, chemical and pharmaceutical markets.

The frameless 4 mm welded wire panel strengthened by transversal folds is made of AISI 304 stainless steel finished by passivation. The panel is fixed to inspectable U-section posts by means of high-resistant fast captive connections made of technopolymer and stainless steel.

BlueGuard is quick to assemble: a single type of post for linear, angular and door mounting to reduce setup time. Wide ribs facilitate the use of electric screwdriver, while the frameless construction allows panel sizes to be adjusted speedily on site.


BlueGuard is constructed in compliance with the following EUROPEAN and INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS: ISO 14120; EN ISO 12100; EN ISO 13857; EN ISO 10218-2; EN 1672-2; EN ISO 14159.

BodyGuard – Fall Prevention System Series.

Prevents personnel falling from galleries or elevated areas. This modular system is compact and can be completely disassembled, providing speed of assembly and greater flexibility in use. It is manufactured in compliance with the relevant ISO international standards.


Structure: 2 horizontal beams and a kick plate.

Tubes: 40 x 40 x 2 mm.
Assembling brackets: self-centering and self-locking.
Painting: Epoxy polyester powder (indoor use).



Special Doors


The range of SATECH doors has been developed to meet customer demands, however complex, including sliding doors with openings up to 6 metres, without upper or lower guides, to allow the passage of lift trucks. A comprehensive range of (optional) accessories allows for varying safety levels and locking systems, as well as doors adapted to meet specific requirements. More than 350 combinations are already available.

Special Doors.

SATECH produces doors for any specific customer requirement, including special dimensions and electromechanical or pneumatic operation.




The SATECH range of locks includes wide models diversity from different world brands.


The SATECH range of accessories is wide and it includes Cable Duct Support, Universal Brackets for micro switches, Support Struts, Doors with microswitches, Kick Plate, Cutting Kit, Adjustable Baseplates, Variable angle joint, Reinforced linear joint and others.