Schmersal presents smallest electronic solenoid interlock in the world.

safety interlock AZM40


New Schmersal safety interlock AZM40 – the smallest electronic solenoid interlock in the world.

With dimensions of 119.5x40x20 mm, the safety interlock AZM40 series is the smallest one in the world. This makes it especially suitable for small safety doors and flaps.

Thanks to the 180° angle flexibility of the actuator, it can approach the AZM40 on a stepless basis, making the interlock also suitable for flaps which do not close at 90° or those that open upwards to a 45° angle. This means the angle flexibility helps the interlock easily fit into compact spaces and those which are difficult to access.


The AZM40 can also be fitted to standard 40 mm profiles without projecting.

Despite its compact size, the AZM40 has an amazing 2000 N interlocking force.

Thee integrated RFID technology allows a coding level of “high”. This means the interlock offers increased tamper protection in accordance with the requirements of DIN ISO 14119.


The AZM40 works on the bistable principle:

  • In the event of a power cut, it retains the current position. This ensures safe operation, whatever the status of the machine. Even if there are hazardous run-on movements, the safety door remains safely locked in the event of a power failure.
  • Another advantage of the bistable principle is the consistently low energy consumption, as the interlock only requires power when the door is to be locked or unlocked.

For applications with personnel protection (interlock monitored), the safety outputs are switched on when the safety door is closed, and the interlock locked.

The AZM40B model (actuator monitored) can be used for applications with process protection. In this variant, the safety outputs are actuated as soon as the safety door is closed. With this device, locking the interlock is not absolutely necessary.


Features of solenoid interlock AZM40:

  • – Compact and flat design (WxHxD: 40 x 119.5 x 20 mm);
  • – Bistable principle of operation;
  • – High holding force FZh = 2000 N;
  • – Latching force approx. 25 N;
  • – RFID-technology for needs-based protection against tampering;
  • – Individually coded version with coding level “High” according to ISO 14119;
  • – Suitable for applications up to Cat.4 / PLe / SIL3;
  • – Actuator can approach interlock continuously within a 180° angle;
  • – Optimised for mounting on 40 mm profiles;
  • – Symmetrical mounting, can be bolted on either side;
  • – Only one version for hinged and sliding doors;
  • – LEDs visible from three sides.


Materials used form official Schmersal website.