Right safe control technology to suit your requirements!

Safety PLCs from PILZ

Safe control technology from PILZ. 

With the control technology from PILZ, you automated plants become safer!

The result: Happy and healthy employees and maximum availability of your machines for maximum commercial success.

 You’re in safe hands with PILZ

PILZ is a technology leader and complete solution supplier in safe automation technology.

Programmable safety systems PILZ are used all over the world, and they are well-proven over many years.

Trust PILZ expertise in machinery safety: PILZ has the right solution for every requirement!

Always at the center: The safe shutdown of potentially dangerous movements and a smooth control of your machines.

Safety is our core competency, the objective of PILZ is to automate machines and plants in such a way that the safety of man, machine and environment is always guaranteed.

Safety with control technology from PILZ:

1) Safety relays PNOZ.

For applications with a low number of safety functions, opt for the safety relays PNOZsigma.

They are easy and user-friendly to use, and they are particularly space-saving by their narrow housings.

Safety relays PNOZ are proven in millions of applications and are the world’s most widely used safety relays.

PNOZ – the original since 1987!

– Simple and convenient operation during installation and maintenance;

– Reduced wiring work and can be used without software;

– High plant availability thanks to rapid diagnostics;

– Narrow widths save space in the control cabinet.


2) Safe small controllers PNOZmulti.

Safe configurable control systems PNOZmulti 2 are the right choice when flexibility and modularity are at the center.

PNOZmulti 2 stands for refreshingly easy operation by a graphic configuration software tool.

Many functions, the future-proof solution!

Flexible and modular to use, child’s play to operate thanks to the graphical configuration software tool.

– The safety standard for numerous operational controllers and fieldbus systems;

– Flexible, modular and expandable;

– Convenient visualisation and diagnostics;

– Suitable for worldwide use for all machine types.

3) PLC controllers PSSuniversal PLC.

Complex processes can be programmed intuitively with our PLC control systems PSSuniversal PLC of the automation system PSS 4000.

This is to monitor safe and non-safety-related control functions in a system.

As the heart of the automation system PSS 4000, PILZ PLC controllers with IP20 and IP67 protection monitor both safety and non-safety-related functions in one system!

– Intuitive programming of complex processes in DIN EN 61131-3 languages;

– High degree of flexibility due to modular structure;

– Easily interlinked: ability to network up to 64 masters.

At PILZ, you find the suitable control technology for your requirements!