PILZ Safety Laser Scanner PSENscan: new, with ROS package.


Everything within view – Benefits of the safety laser scanner PSENscan.

Safety laser scanner PSENscan

   The safety laser scanner PSENscan from Pilz now goes beyond safe, productive monitoring of stationary or mobile danger zones, offering new possibilities for the production logistics sector. Availability of the ROS (Robot Operating System) packages from the Open Source Framework ROS means that the safety laser scanner can also be used for dynamic navigation of automated guided vehicles (AGV) – using SLAM for example (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). Users benefit from a more dynamic and therefore safe implementation of mobile applications in production environments.

   The safety laser scanner PSENscan offers two-dimensional area monitoring with an opening angle of 275 degrees and a protected field range of up to 5.5 meters. Thanks to the free configuration of warning fields and protected fields, plus the ability to adapt to structural conditions, the safety laser scanners are ideal for integrating into the widest range of applications. The safety laser scanner PSENscan is especially suitable for stationary and mobile area guarding as well as access monitoring.

   Use the PSENscan Configurator for fast, easy configuration of all the parameters required for operation of your safety laser scanner PSENscan!

   When combined with configurable small controllers PNOZmulti or the controllers PSSuniversal, you have a complete, economical, one-stop solution.

Benefits of the safety laser scanner PSENscan:

  • – Large opening angle of 275 degrees;
  • – Always the right operating range thanks to unit versions with protected field operating ranges of 3 and 5.5 meters;
  • – Easily integrated into the application due to compact housing and free configuration of the protected fields and warning fields;
  • – Simultaneous monitoring of up to 3 separate zones plus set-up of up to 70 switchable configurations;
  • – Series connection of up to 4 scanners in accordance with the master-slave principle;
  • – Integrated operator display for immediate information;
  • – Exchangeable memory to transfer the configuration;
  • – High availability as it is robust to dust;
  • – Simple assembly and alignment of scanner with the appropriate accessories.

PSENscan can now also be set for dynamic navigation of driverless transport systems (AGVs).

Safeguarding and dynamic navigation of automated guided vehicles (AGV).

   Reliable safeguarding of automated guided vehicles (AGV) is required in order to protect people and objects from harm. The safety laser scanner PSENscan detects objects in the vehicle’s path and provides maximum safety even at high speeds, without compromising productivity.

   Thanks to the ROS (Robot Operating System) package, PSENscan also supports dynamic navigation of AGVs, so offering new opportunities in production logistics. As a result, multiple safety laser scanners can easily be integrated into the existing ROS environment without any additional programming.

ROS packages for AGV navigation.

   With PILZ ROS (Robot Operating System) packages, the safety laser scanner PSENscan not only supports productive area monitoring but also dynamic navigation of automated guided vehicles (AGV): all the data needed for navigation is available in ROS-compliant format, without the need for additional programming. As a result, a SLAM algorithm (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) can be fed in, for example. So maps of the environment are produced for dynamic navigation and the AGV avoids obstacles, for example. You benefit from a more dynamic and therefore safe implementation of mobile applications in production environments.

   Applications with the safety laser scanner PSENscan can be flexibly adapted to customized tasks. What’s more, the simple transfer of scanner raw data (measurement data) means that additional applications can also be implemented in a robotics environment. Pilz ROS packages conform to the industry requirements of the ROS Industrial Consortium and are developed and tested in accordance with Pilz development standards. As a result, new software features can be implemented quickly.

   Like all Pilz ROS packages, the ROS package is available as Open Source Code (LGPL) or via the Open Source Hoster GitHub (online service for managing open source software).

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Features of the safety laser scanner:

  • – Compliant and approved in accordance with EN/IEC 61496-1 (Type 3), EN ISO 13849-1 (PL d) and IEC 61508 (SIL 2);
  • – Opening angle: 275 degrees;
  • – Operating range: 3 / 5.5 m safety zone, 40 m warning zone;
  • – Reaction time: 62 ms;
  • – Protection type: IP65;
  • – Simple configuration with the PSENscan Configurator;
  • – Additional functions for the light, master and slave versions: muting, EDM, override;
  • – Additional functions for the master and slave versions: Restart in accordance with EN ISO 61496-3 vertical applications.

New: Configuration easy to transfer using the exchangeable memory module.


   When you swap an existing safety laser scanner for a new one, if one has become damaged for example, the new device will need to be configured again.

   This involves time and effort. If you use our safety laser scanner PSENscan you can save yourself the unnecessary time spent reconfiguring when you swap your device.

   PILZ safety laser scanners have an exchangeable memory module with fast replacement function, which stores your configuration.

   If you need to swap devices, it is quite easy to transfer the existing configuration to your new device. All that’s important is that it’s the same model. Simply remove the memory module from your old PSENscan and insert it into your new PSENscan. The scanner will carry out a self test on start-up and is then once again ready to use. It is also a convenient way to copy configurations!

Flexible solution for your application.

   Whether used alone, in series or in conjunction with other products, the safety laser scanners PSENscan offer a tailor-made solution for your application.

Simultaneous monitoring of up to 3 safety zones.

With PSENscan you can monitor up to three safety zones simultaneously and independently. Only the plant section that a person accesses is stopped. As a result, safety distances on your plant can be optimized. This ensures increased productivity and improved ergonomics for your plant – with optimum safety.

Simple configuration thanks to series connection.

Up to 4 safety laser scanners PSENscan can be connected in accordance with the master-slave principle. In this case the configuration is made centrally on the master scanner and is then passed to the slaves. The slaves are also supplied with power via the master.

Safe, complete solution.

Combine the safety laser scanners with other Pilz products! With our full portfolio – from sensor technology to control and drive technology – we can offer a safe, complete solution for your application.

   Product range of PILZ Safety Laser Scanner PSENscan:



TypeSafety zones / warning zonesMax. rangeSwitchable configurationsOrder number
 Light versions:
PSEN sc L 3.0 08-122/23.0 m36D000012
PSEN sc L 5.5 08-122/25.5 m36D000013
 Master versions:
PSEN sc M 3.0 08-122/23.0 m36D000016
PSEN sc M 5.5 08-122/25.5 m36D000017
PSEN sc M 5.5 08-173/25.5 m706D000019
 Master Encoder model:
PSEN sc ME 5.5 08-173/25.5 m706D000034
 Slave versions:
PSEN sc S 3.0 08-122/23.0 m36D000020
PSEN sc S 5.5 08-122/25.5 m36D000021

Materials used from the official PILZ website.